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COUNTRY GUIDE  October 14, 2020

A new farm story

Most of Canada’s farms got their start when previous generations of immigrants made sacrifices and worked hard to gain a toehold, often via truck farming. Is it still happening? Full story here

Image: Anne de Haas

COUNTRY GUIDE  September 16, 2020

Building the chain

When should you give an expert chain-builder like Braden Douglas a call? Full story here

Image: Supplied by CREW Marketing Partners

COUNTRY GUIDE  June 17, 2020

Humming, strumming along with song

Few things cheer a farmer’s heart like music, so let’s hear more of it. Full story here

Image: Supplied by Jennifer Buchanan

COUNTRY GUIDE  April 6, 2020

Brother-sister team credit teamwork on their Sask. farm

As long as Mom and Dad are actively farming, it can be simple. But what about later? Here’s how Saskatchewan’s Jarid and Jody Berglund are working toward their shared vision. Full story here

Image: Sandy Black for Country Guide

COUNTRY GUIDE  April 6, 2020

Do siblings fight? Is grass green?

But if the problem runs deeper than occasional disagreements over what crop to plant or what size tractor to buy, the resolution has to involve listening to each other, especially when you really don’t want to. Full story here

COUNTRY GUIDE  March 2, 2020

Our ‘Amazon moment’

As Wade Barnes sees it, farms and farm suppliers can either embrace today’s tech disruption, or get ready to sell to those who will. Full story

Image: Victoria Anne Photography for Country Guide

COUNTRY GUIDE February 26, 2020

The open source farmer

For Dorn and Sarah Cox, building an ag internet will bring the power back in farmer’s hands. Full story here

Image: Dorn and Sarah Cox

COUNTRY GUIDE August 13, 2019

Retired farmers show they have a lifetime to share

Support for these farmers stopped the moment they left the farm, until Jill Rennie developed this innovative dementia support group. See full story here

Image: Supplied by Jill Rennie.

COUNTRY GUIDE March 27, 2017

A woman’s place at the board table

In different parts of the country, Amanda Jeffs and Pam Bailey are rising to the same challenge, curbing the dominance of men on so many farm boards. See full story here


Image: Chris Procaylo for Country Guide

COUNTRY GUIDE July 25, 2017

Three farm families, five years later

Country Guide revisits three young Manitoba farm families building their future in agriculture. See full story here


Image: Country Guide

COUNTRY GUIDE April 24 2017


Image: Country Guide

Getting ‘Lean’ for Farming

Small farms like Ben Hartman’s can be among the first to boost their numbers by adopting lean, but there are lessons for all.
See full story here.

COUNTRY GUIDE December 5, 2016

A cattle company finding its own way


Photo: David Stobbe

They’re risk takers who hate to lose and aren’t afraid to trust their own instincts, which is why, on the road to diversification, the Blairs have drawn their own map.
See full story here.

COUNTRY GUIDE April 1, 2016

Location, location


Picture: Sandy Black

The Spenst family are farmers first, but with a farm that extends right to the store counter.

When Garry Spenst and his sons, Paul and Garreth, heard that the Real Canadian Superstore was coming to Winkler, Man. they took the biggest gamble of their lives. The family paid $100,000 to buy the lot right next door.
See the full story here.
This story won the SILVER DICK BEAMISH AWARD for press feature writing at the 2016 Canadian Farm Writers Federation Awards.

COUNTRY GUIDE March 11, 2016

Early Warning Signs of a Business in Trouble

Whether it’s your farm, or a company or a farm you deal with, it’s never good to be the last to know.

Unfortunately some businesses will fail. There can be any number of contributing reasons, such as an economic downturn, competition, bad customer relations, bad internal management, changes in markets, government regulations or unforeseen events.
See the full story here

COUNTRY GUIDE March 7, 2106

Tips to Protect Your Farm’s Assets

These six strategies will ensure you get much more than just the tax benefits of forming a farm corporation.

Many farms that incorporate do so for tax purposes. After all, there are definite tax advantages available to a corporation and its shareholders that are not available to individuals or partnerships.

But farm businesses should be careful that they don’t let the tax tail wag the dog, says Jerry Lupkowski, a senior partner with MNP at its Portage la Prairie, Man. office.
See the full story here

COUNTRY GUIDE February 26, 2016

Is There Room for Entitlement on the Family Farm?

If you’re the first-born male, it used to mean you had won the lottery. You got to inherit the biggest share, you got to take over as boss, and you got to sit at the head of the family table. But today that kind of European hierarchy is quickly fading on the family farm.

Except… how do you decide who should be in charge, or how to split the estate when you can’t simply apply the old first-born formula the way all our previous generations did?
see the full story here

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