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Prepping the next generation for success

Danielle Walsh, MNP
Trevor MacLean, MNP

Are they ready to take over the farm? Here’s how one firm says you can get them there.

Women get the job

Ana Maria Ayala Arboleda works for Hypor Inc. in Ituna, Sask.

The new hire may need smaller boots but she can certainly fill them, as the real-world experience on more and more Canadian farms is proving.

Elevating the farm business
Nick and Michelle Hoffsuemmer
Credit: Deb DeVille

It’s the story of Canada’s young farmers. Crucial decisions at the start of their farm careers have enabled Michelle and Nick Hoffsuemmer to make even bigger decisions later on.
Country Guide – March 6, 2023

Is it better to acquire a nearby farm, or merge?

Because so many farms are incorporated today, the next time you expand you may actually need to be open to a merger. But, as BDO’s Kyle Lopez tells us below, it’s likely to be a merger with a very clear, very circumscribed role.
Country Guide – March 2, 2023

Cover crop opportunity leads to higher ground
Joe Gardiner
Credit: Sandy Black

Technically, it’s called vertical integration. Instead, says Joseph Gardiner, think of it as using your experience as a farmer to get to the top first.
Country Guide – February 21, 2023

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